AI-powered platform to automate your customer and employee communication.

Responsum’s no-code conversational AI voice-enabled chatbot reduces support costs, increases conversion rates and CSAT, and retains corporate memory, driving efficiency and revenue across your business.

Save money and time

App designed to quickly answer every question. The more you use it, the smarter it becomes.

Automate your workflow

Automate routine work and free your day from repetitive tasks. Drive efficiency and consistency with automation.

No coding required

Get on your way with an AI platform in a few simple steps. We did the tech stuff so you don’t have to.


Our scalable architecture supports your business as it grows. Enhance with custom dialogue catered to your customers.

Never stops learning

Our machine learning algorithm will grow smarter as users interact and you’ll be able to easily add new content without any need for IT support.

App Integrations

Connect to all your data, and select from our library of tasks, with no coding required.

free use of our voice and chat AI assistant through June, 2020.

Data Integrations

Connect through a secure protocol directly to your proprietary databases and applications.

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